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rennes le chateau, la revelation


Extrait de « PREMIERE REVELATION » p.237-238

 P. SILVAIN                                                                                                     1 December 1998

Résidence Le Lancier

                                                                                                        MINISTRY OF CULTURE


Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt



Citizen of the World, concerned with the preservation of Humanity's cultural Patrimony, I have the pleasure of informing you of the publication of the enclosed book, which REVEALS the existence of the Tomb of Jesus BAR-ABA, the true Christ, near ALET (AUDE).

 Due to the unexpected, sensational and exceptional nature of this discovery, safeguarding measures must be considered as soon as possible so as to avoid any acts of profanation, pillage or vandalism.

Yours faithfully,




 P. SILVAIN                                                                                                      17 January 1999

Résidence Le Lancier

Copy to the Prime Minister
Copy to the President of the Republic

 Registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.




        I regret to point out to you that you have not dealt with my letter of 1 December 1998, informing you of the location of the vault harbouring the Holy Sepulchre in Alet-les-Bains (Aude).

       What do I in fact need to do to draw your attention to the most extraordinary event of our era, which, I understand very well, is "Unbelievable"?
       How is it that the most important archaeological discovery that has ever occurred in the Western world (the Quest for the Holy Grail), that of the treasure the Western world has searched for over the centuries, has given rise to no reaction in your services, whereas a few Palaeolithic jaws dug up by building and public works workers have made headlines?
       Are you fully aware of the scandal your passivity will cause? Are you aware of the ridicule and shame that could hit you personally, and tarnish France's image?
I wrote to a "responsible" Minister, and your silence condemns you without appeal because you are not doing your "job".
Your "work" forbids you from placing your religious convictions or your states of mind ahead of the State's well being and the cultural enrichment of Humanity.
      I am perfectly sound of body and mind, with an education in the sciences (Bac + 10), and I provide the demonstration of my discoveries, both theoretical and practical.

     This is my final official approach, and the beginning of my action, because:

"Each will be judged according to his deeds."

 Yours faithfully,



PS: Failing a reply and satisfactory measures between now and the end of January, I regret to advise you that I will inform the Press.

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